If your interested in purchasing a session, first of all thank you! I like to be sure to mention and be clear that our sessions are in the late evening of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's. We reserve Saturdays for Weddings and we are off on Sunday's. If there is a scheduling conflict that can not be worked out we will make Wednesday or Friday an option. There are times when I may be able to shoot outside sessions other than at the very end of the day but almost always they will be during "Golden Hour" 

We answer messages during business hours. Please send those via email from this website if it is during non business hours that you have a question. I appreciate that consideration more that you know.  I like to be able to give my personal number but I also need time to not think about work as much as I love it;)

Thank you so much for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy browsing through and I hope you find a session that will fit your portrait needs. The way my booking process works is that you purchase a session straight from the site. Just like a dress!:) Just go to the Purchase a Session tab to see all that we have to offer this year. There is a limited number of stock for each session and when they're sold out they most likely will not be replenished until 2019. If you see a session that you would like, read over the portrait investment section then just shoot me a message to arrange a date.  After confirming a date and time,  come back to the website to book. Add to the cart the session you want and check out. YAY!! I will get a notification and I will be in contact one week bf your session to confirm.  Please know that your session date will not be held until it is purchased.  Of course it is fine and please do ask any questions before booking. 

CANCELLATION POLOICY: Sessions must be rescheduled two weeks in advance unless for sickness or death and no more than 2 times.  If we must reschedule due to rain I will get you another session scheduled as soon as we each can decide on a date. I can not control the weather or the crops so please keep that in mind when booking the wheat field and cotton field sessions. I'm booking very few of those so there should not be a problem. Session fees are NON REFUNDABLE. If you have only had to cancel once you can see if someone would like to purchase your session from you or you can have a credit to apply to a session at a later date but it must be within one year of booking. 

Please remember that we shoot Family, Seniors, Children, Engagement sessions etc. outside. I have a small studio space in my home but for the most part we will go outside.  If you have scheduled an evening session with me you will be my only session of the day.

What you are receiving for the cost of the session is the time and talent of the photographer. Usually 2 weeks after your session, no later than 3, you will receive an online gallery via a link to your email. We will give you a call to let you know they are ready. eeeekkkk:) We allow one week from that call for you to place your order or make an appointment to come in to do an in person consultation where the order is placed. If you are able to place your order within that week you receive discounts according to the amount you spend. There is more info on that in the "Portrait Investment” Section.   If you like to have paper proofs to hold in your hand we can do that. You would just let me know at booking. When we call to let you know that your session is ready you may stop by for your paper proofs. Proofs are 5x7, with a white border and a fine linen texture. They are $9 each. Proofs are retouched. You would pay for the proofs when you take them out and you are not required to take them all. There is no minimum order amount. Orders do not have to be placed within the week but in order to receive discounts they do. The gallery automatically comes down after one week. If you do not contact us to tell us you need more time there will be a $75 fee to re load the session. We keep files for one year. If you do not order within the viewing period and some sort of catastrophe happens (hopefully not) like a hard crash or naturally occurring event we are not responsible for your files being lost. We back everything up, but we want you to know it's very important that you download files and place orders in a timely manner. Also, if you purchase digital galleries or if you have a wedding gallery PLEASE back them up.